Karl hails from Cape Town where he studied Graphic Design and spent many years working freelance in the creative art and advertising industry. In his spare time Karl enjoyed doing repairs and maintenance, a hobby that eventually grew into restoring old properties for profit.


Pia moved to Cape Town with her parents in her teens. After her studies Pia ran her own business until she too was drawn to her love for property like her dad, a well known property developer and her mom a colour therapist.


Karl and Pia’s partnership began in 2005. Their first team project was their home which they bought and renovated extensively together. Wanting to realise opportunity and further their careers in real estate they moved to Johannesburg where they spent the first two years investing in buy-to-let property in the Inner-City. Karl also worked at sourcing speculative investment opportunities for a South African based property investment company. Here he learned valuable skills in property management, property rehabilitation and developed not only a methodical process for qualifying opportunities but also an intuitive sense for identifying opportunity while still objectively understanding the obstacles and risks standing in the way of realising the profit.

Karl founded Benn Benn Integrated Project Solutions in 2009 after realising that there was a need for a property renovation service that does more than just renovate. With their combined property expertise they can objectively advise clients where to spend their money and because of their industry know-how and contacts they can source affordable materials and decor, always making sure that budgets are adhered to so as to not over-capitalise or waste clients money. With this philosophy, Benn Benn has been successfully renovating properties in Gauteng for the past 8 years.


Benn Benn are all about integrity and providing a professional, good value for money service. They pride themselves with being able to source and provide the best team of professionals to complement any job and budget. They have build up an extensive network of professionals, contractors and subcontractors who are ready to take on any job no matter how big or small. Benn Benn understand what their clients needs are and ensure quality workmanship down to the finest detail.


We think it's important to always be professional, surround yourself with good people, work hard and be nice to everyone.

Karl Benn

Projects, Repairs and Maintenance

I believe that by having the right thoughts and goals, speaking the right words, performing the right deeds, sharing knowledge and by giving back we achieve success. Good things will come to those with integrity, who display gratitude and make the right effort.

Mobile: (084) 595 2481 

Pia Benn

Interior Ideas and finishing touches

I’m an ethical person and therefore take great pride in doing my work diligently and to the best of my abilities. I’m a naturally positive and organised person who understands what responsibilities come with offering a service and running a business.

Mobile: (071) 918 9520