Income Cabins


Create an income generating asset that can pay for itself in as little as 4 years!

Consider one of our custom Wooden or Nutec Cabins

With more than 10 years combined experience in Buy-to-Let Property Investment, Property Management as well as Landscaping and Renovations, we offer a unique turn-key solution to anyone who’d like to transform unused garden space into an income generating asset.

Want help choosing the right size unit to complement your property and suit your budget? We'll also advise on the optimal layout and finishes to maximise your rental income.
There's no need to stress the small stuff! Our supervised team guarantees professional workmanship and that your property is respected and kept secure at all times.
Does finding the right tenant sound like a pain? Using industry standard affordability and credit checking software and techniques enables us to eliminate risky tenants.
Want us to take care of everything for you? We offer a full management service that includes monthly rental and owner statements, repairs and scheduled maintenance.

We would love to hear from you!


Thanks to you and your team for doing a professional job! Will spread the word.

Very professional and effective team. Karl really goes the extra mile to make sure that a customer has a pleasant experience!!

My experience with renovations has always been that they never go according to plan. Contractors are forever blaming each other for not getting the job right. I'm really glad I chose the right guy for the job! Karl and his team have really been gentle and understanding with me.  They have given me expert advice and managed all challenges in a professional way with the final result ending up better than I ever imagined!

Benn Benn surpassed all my expectations! Would highly recommend them to anyone!!

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