Interior Ideas


Modernising your kitchen and bathroom is a sure way to lift the value of your home. No matter your taste or style, we'll help you remodel optimally without breaking the bank.


"Remember, colour is not just colour, but mood, temperature and structure." Van Day Truex

Choosing the right materials, fittings, textures and colours for a job can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. After we understand your needs we'll do the running around bringing you samples and discussing various options.


Finishing a project perfectly takes time. That's why we use workers who are patient and experienced at doing detailed work when in the finishing phase. We pride ourselves giving our all to a project until the very end. Give us a shout if you're a contractor and don't want to get held up with "finishing". Let us take over and do what we do best so that you can move onto your next project.



Let us meet you at your home. Over a cup of tea we can take in the spaces to be worked on and discuss your ideas and dreams.

Take a look at our process below...

After we’ve heard all you have to say we will take the time with you to outline what is to be achieved. With our experience, industry knowledge and range of products we will very quickly help you form a clearer picture of what the finished concept will look like. We will also discuss budget and time frames and make sure everything runs according to plan.
Because we do this every day and have been doing it for many years, we have a good idea of what works and through our network of contacts and suppliers can easily source and provide colour swatches or samples of materials before hand so that you can make an informed decision from the start. We’ll do all the running around for you!
Installation or “doing the work” is always a stressful time for our clients especially if they decide not to vacate the property during the renovation. We do everything in our power to make this experience a pleasant one by only working with experts who know how to treat you and your home with respect and care. All preparation work is completed off-site, prior to installation so that we spend as little time on-site as need be.
Managing the project is a key part of our service. We don’t leave anything to chance and communicate with you on a regular basis making sure you are kept up to speed with progress or any hick-ups that happen along the way. All work is quality controlled by our managers so that there are minimal snags at the end of the job. All snags will be dealt with swiftly before the job is signed off.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Call Karl on (084) 595 2481 or email below

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