Custom made Wire Trellis

Sometimes it’s small things that can make a big difference!!

Our client had a bare wall next to her swimming pool which was just begging to have something creative done to it.

Too much bare wall can be depressing and there’s nothing that lifts the spirits of a home and it’s occupants more than a combination of natural materials like wood, metal and garden greenery.

We liked the idea of a Trellis from the start but wanted to steer clear of the conventional, “heavy looking” wooden Trellis. Our client already had some large pots so we finally decided that two (3.0m x 1.5m) Wire Trellis frames would fill the space better than a larger single Trellis and by sourcing mature Sweet Jasmine Vines we could achieve an established look by weaving the vines onto the criss-cross wire frame. 

The “After” pic shows the finished product. A wall mounted, varnished Pine Trellis frame with crisscrossed wire and Sweet Jasmine Vines creeping as if they’ve already been growing for a long time.