Waterproofing a roof in Cresta

While the Vaal dam was filling up in record time… Benn Benn was attending to 101 leaking roof calls !

In doing this kind of work every day, I see time and time again shoddy workmanship that gives our industry such a bad name. In fact, this client said we were the fourth company she had hired in the period of 18 months to fix the same leaking roof.

After spending a good hour on top and inside the roof we were able to logically advise our client what structural flaws were causing her leak problem. The other “waterproofing” companies had only addressed surface issues which only worked for a short period of time or not at all.
Because we’re builders and understand construction principles we are able to think past “what it appears to be on the surface” and offer a complete solution.

Gautengers, going into our dry winter period is the best time to do roof repair or renovations. As always we are looking forward to assisting you and of course to do a job well done!